To get approved quickly and not lose your spot in line for one of our available homes, here are the steps to follow:


1. View our properties on-line and decide which home best suits your needs.


2. Read the information contained in the tab "Qualifying To Rent" and make sure you qualify.


3. Drive the neighborhood to make sure the area suits your needs.




4. Call our Leasing Agent, Michael Smith, to schedule a viewing of the home. Michael can be reached at 480-694-2564.


5. Bring pay stubs with you to the viewing in case you decide to move forward with an application. If so, give last 30 days' pay stubs to Michael at the end of the viewing, ask Michael for a copy of the lease agreement to review and for a consent to perform background check form.


6. Fill out the on-line application and pay the $35 application fee for each prospective tenant over the age 18.


7. Fill out and fax or scan/email in the "Consent to Perform Background Check" form.  Filled out forms can be faxed to 1-888-210-5009 or emailed to


8. Call Michael to make sure he received everything and has started processing the application.  Processing can take from 6 to 30 hours. To expedite the process, alert your current and previous landlords that Michael is calling them to verify last 24 month's rental history.


9. Find time to come by the office to sign the lease agreement and pay the security deposit in certified funds (cash, cashier's check or money order).  Ask us for a receipt for your deposit and for a move-in report for you to document the condition of the home upon move-in. 


10. Schedule utilities to be turned on in your name by the lease start date.


11. Come by the office the morning of your move-in day to pay the first month's rent (with certified funds) and pick up the keys, etc.


Welcome to your new home!